Complete Noudy Tape Beginners Guide!

Complete Noudy Tape Beginners Guide!

First time Boob Tape users, all have the same concerns and questions. ‘How do I apply it? How do I know what style is correct? Should pull hard or pull little? Will the tape hold? Will it hurt?” We are here to tell you to fret no more.


We will give you ALL the answers and if by some chance, you still have more questions you can always reach out to us at


What is Boob Tape?


First things first, to answer the coveted question of what is boob tape? And how does it differ from other types of tape such as Gaffer Tape, Duct tape and kinesio tape.


Noudy Tape is a body lifting tape that can be used on any body part to help lift, support and shape that area for up to 8 hours to meet YOUR requirements and needs.  So, if you have a gorgeous outfit that you can’t wear a bra with, Noudy Tape is the answer. If you’re pregnant and want some extra belly support, the answer is Noudy Tape. If you are part of the itty-bitty community and want some extra cleavage without inserts, Noudy Tape. And if you want to feel free and bra-less (no excuses necessary) Guess what? Noudy Tape got you!


Now what is the different between Boob Tape and other adhesive tapes not specifically designed for the body? This is the most important part ladies. Your body is a temple and really that other stuff is just so not worth it, especially the strong stuff created to close boxes NOT to lift your precious boobies.


Noudy Tape is made out of breathable cotton and special acrylic adhesive formulated especially for sensitive parts of the skin to allow you to move, dance and sweat without losing strength yet it is super easy to remove. The material is made to be hypoallergenic, latex free, super stretchy and waterproof.


Whilst Kenisio tape is made for 100% suitable for the skin, it is not made for the fashion world. With a thicker blend of materials and has less hold for breasts, it is not a guaranteed accessory for body lift underneath your clothes.

Noudy Tape Benefits

Why Noudy Tape?


Second question now, why Noudy and Noudy Tape? Why not the many dupes on Amazon. Noudy Tape is proudly women owned and is run by a mother-daughter duo pledging to provide honest, accessible solution wear to women regardless of size.


How do I apply Noudy Tape?


The wonderful things about Noudy Tape is that it gives you complete creative freedom to cut and apply as you wish. This does not mean that we aren’t here to give you all the support you may need. Check out the application tab for more in-depth information of how to apply.



How do I Remove Noudy Tape?


We guarantee a pain free and smooth removal for Noudy Tape, all you need is your favorite moisturizer or body oil and a little bit of time. Click here for a step by step removal guide.

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