Tips & "Nips"



  • Do not apply to sunburnt, broken or irritated skin
  • Make sure the area of application is free from oils/moisturizers
  • Use nipple covers for extra protection
  • Do not wear for more than 7 hours
  • Don’t rush the tape application or removal process. Give yourself ample time
  • Practice makes perfect



  • Round the corners

...of each strip before application to give you a seamless finish and to avoid lifting edges. Straight edges are more prone to lift and pull against your clothes.

  • Stretch your body part

...and don’t over stretch the tape. Over stretching the tape can result in flat look of the breast.

  • Avoid stretching the ‘main support’ of your tape prevent significant tension on and excess skin traction.



  • Peel off your tape slowly

...whilst supporting your skin behind the tape. This avoids microtears and irritation.

  • Soak the adhesive with moisturizer, oil or coconut oil breakdown the adhesive, allowing an easier removal process.

  • Do not use the ripping band aid method this can severely damage the skin and cause extreme discomfort.