What is Noudy?

Noudy brand created by a mother-daughter duo providing an inclusive solution wear for women, specifically with our one-of-a-kind body tape. Our goal is to give women choices and empower them further to express themselves through fashion as comfortably as possible.

How does it work?

This super soft and comfortable body tape works by supporting, lifting and shaping the desired body part (particularly the breasts) underneath clothes. For application and removal tips please visit the Application &

How is Noudy Tape different to other tapes?

The unique aspect of Noudy Tape is the extremely strong hold that can lift ANY bust size, yet still remain kind to even the most sensitive skin lasting you through the night.

Are nipple covers essential?

Areolas are one of the sensitive areas of the skin therefore we highly recommend using nipple covers to protect your nipples.

How long will a roll last?

This depends on the size of your breast and also a little bit of your skill! Lager breasts require more tape whilst smaller breasts require less tape. You can except Noudy Tape to last you 5-20 applications depending on breast size and chosen application style.

What should I do before use?

We recommend that your skin be free of any moisturizers, oils or creams. Make sure you apply Noudy Tape to a clean, dry area on your skin. After you have patch tested it of course!

Is Noudy Tape hypoallergenic?

Yes, yes and yes! Noudy Tape is formulated to be extra kind to all skin types especially the sensitive areas. Our product is free from latex and zinc. So in short it is free of all nasties that may affect your skin in the wrong way. However, we still recommend you to do a small patch test 24 hours before use.

What if I don’t know how to use the product?

We’ve been there! Luckily, we have tried and tested Noudy Tape and can help you out. CLICK here to see different styles, tips and tricks or simply reach out to us and we can guide you further. Keep in mind that ‘practice makes perfect’ so after every application you are going to just get better and before you know it, you’ll be a Noudy Tape Queen.

How do I sell your products in my store?

Email us at support@noudytape.com and we will be more than happy to assist you.

How long does Shipping take?

We deliver to the UAE, UK, and most EU countries. You can see the full list on our Shipping & Returns page.

Germany – 1-2 business days

UAE – Same or next day delivery

Are there any refunds on Noudy Tape products?

Please see Shipping & Returns
for more information.

More questions?

Send them our way on support@noudytape.com