Top 3 ways to make your SNC last longer

Top 3 ways to make your SNC last longer

One of our core missions at Noudy is to ensure we limit our waste and strive to give customers the option to make better choices for the environment, hence why we have decided to only offer reusable silicone nipple covers rather than the single use ones.


Our reusable silicone nipple covers can be used 25 times and more depending on care. These are our top tips to make them last longer.


1. Store in a dry, cool place


Noudy Nipple Covers should be stored in a cool dry place. Avoid leaving them out for extended periods of time in direct sunlight. Extended sun exposure can cause the glue to weaken, resulting in a poor application, such as drooping or loss of adhesive overall.


2. Care after use


Every Silicone Nipple Cover come with a thin plastic backing that you can use to re-stick each individual nipple cover back on it. Following by putting it back into the box to ensure your beloved NOUDY Silicone Nipple Covers stay dirt, dust, lint and hair free!


3. Wash your Silicon Nipple cover after every use


Keeping your Nipple covers clean is extremely important to ensure the glue doesn’t wear down faster because of your natural body oil. Simply wash your nipple covers with gentle soap under tap water, pat to dry or leave it to air dry with the adhesive side up and re-stick it back onto the film it comes in.

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